2023/24 AGM, News (North Middlesex & District Minor Hockey Association)

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Mar 06, 2024 | Jessica Rombouts | 1159 views
2023/24 AGM
The AGM for our 23/24 season will be on April 10, 2024, at 7 pm in the Parkhill Community Centre.

We will review the 23/24 season at this meeting and vote on all the open executive board positions.

We are currently taking early nominations for all our open executive board positions.

To nominate someone, you can do so online before March 31, 2024 by clicking here: https://forms.gle/mh3C1BhexWzx5eHp7
Or you can nominate someone in person at the AGM.

As an executive member, you will receive up to $350 off your player's registration (per executive position), volunteer credits and help make important decisions that will benefit our organization.


If there is more than 1 nominee for any position, everyone nominated must explain to the membership why they would be the best fit for the position.


We will be voting on the following positions:













Someone from your hockey family must attend to have your AGM cheque returned to you. We ask all our members of the NMDMHA association to attend this meeting.


Please email [email protected] with any questions.


All positions are a 2-year term. Position Details:


PRESIDENT shall conduct all meetings according to rules of order and have a vote only if necessary to cast a deciding vote. They shall perform the duties usual to the office, such as co-signing all cheques and preparing and distributing a written report of the year's activities for the Annual General Meeting. The President and the Executive Board Election Committee will determine the agenda items and election order for the Annual General Meeting. The President shall oversee the Treasurer, Registrar, Secretary, Coaching Coordinator, Ice Scheduler, Referee Assignor, OMHA Representative, Shamrock League Representative, Lambton Middlesex Local League Representative, Western Ontario Girls Hockey League Representative, Coaching Coordinator. 


SECRETARY shall keep minutes for all general and administration meetings of the Association. Minutes shall be distributed to the Executive Board after every meeting, and the Secretary will ensure copies are available online for the General Membership. Co-signing all cheques The Secretary shall provide sufficient notice of all meetings to the Executive Board and to the membership as necessary. The secretary will give all executive members 3 weeks’ notice of upcoming meetings. Responsible for requiring Criminal References checks from all executives within 2 years. 


ICE CONVEYOR/COMMUNICATIONS shall control all ice time scheduling sanctioned by the NMDMHA and the fair re-distribution of available ice times. The Ice Scheduler shall provide the Executive Board with proper tracking information of such ice times. The Ice Scheduler shall review any invoices the North Middlesex Municipality issues for accuracy. The Communications Coordinator is responsible for updating the website, designing and distributing any NMDMHA news to the membership, updating the NMDMHA bulletin boards, and communicating with the media on behalf of the NMDMHA. 


OMHA REPRESENTATIVE shall be responsible for all contact with the OMHA on behalf of the Association and for reporting all pertinent OMHA information to the Executive Board and Coaching Staff of NMDMHA teams. They shall be responsible for obtaining OMHA rosters, Travel Permits, Affiliated Player lists, and other OMHA documentation as required for all OMHA teams. 


COACHING COORDINATOR responsibilities included sitting on the Coaches Selection Committee, organize and oversee tryout process for all teams, recruit coaches only and ensure that all bench staff have proper qualifications and vulnerable sector checks, assist coaches & bench staff during the season with anything they need and provide coaching resources to coaches & bench staff. They shall design the job descriptions, goals and expectations; ensure that they have the proper forms and documents; help these coaches understand their positions; evaluate their effectiveness based on feedback from players, parents and coaching staff members; keep records of these evaluations and arrange for clinics or meetings as required. The Coaching coordinator shall facilitate communication between the membership, the coaching staff, and the Executive Board. The Coaching coordinator ensures that NMDMHA goes above and beyond the OMHA minimum around training and providing a positive hockey experience.


SOCIAL MEDIA/COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR is responsible for managing the association's online presence across various platforms. They will develop and execute effective internal and external communication strategies to increase engagement, followership, and brand awareness. Creating captivating content, including graphics, videos, and written posts, is essential to showcase our association's activities, achievements, and community involvement. They will monitor conversations, respond to inquiries promptly, and foster positive relationships with our audience. Analyzing metrics to gauge performance and identify opportunities for improvement is crucial. They will coordinate event communications, including promotions and invitations, to maximize attendance and participation. They will collaborate with teams to develop and execute marketing campaigns that align with our association's goals. Creating compelling promotional materials and coordinating advertising efforts across platforms is essential to increase awareness and participation in our events and programs.


EQUIPMENT MANAGER/BARS/PLAQUES/TEAM PHOTOS is responsible for purchasing, maintaining and disposing of all equipment that is the property of the Association. They will be responsible for allocating the respective equipment to each team in the Association and obtaining it at the end of the season. Any purchase of equipment will have to be brought to the Executive for final approval over $1000. The Equipment Manager ensures that NMDMHA teams follow the official team colours. They are also responsible for ordering bars and plaques for the entire NMDHMA to either individual players or teams. Bars/Plaques/Team Photos Co-ordinator is responsible for contacting Photography companies to arrange dates and times for all players and teams to take pictures. Responsible for Spirit Wear Day and purchased items from Spirit Wear Day. 


FUNDRAISING COORDINATOR is responsible for coordinating all fundraising activities sanctioned by the NMDMHA. Fundraising must provide financial records and statements for each fundraising activity. The Fundraising Coordinator is to provide informational support to the individual NMDMHA team managers regarding their fundraising initiatives and documentation. Collecting Association sponsorships from businesses.  


COMMUNITY EVENT COORDINATOR is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing community events that align with the NMDMHA's goals and objectives. This role is responsible for managing all aspects of the event, from concept to completion, including planning, logistics, budgeting, promotion, volunteers and evaluation. The Community Events Coordinator will work closely with other organization members, volunteers, players, coaches and community partners to ensure successful events. They will be responsible for planning and coordinating community events such as minor hockey days, charity initiatives, Wing Night/fundraisers, and additional sporting events, events that partner with the North Middlesex YMCA and North Middlesex Stars, Community Santa Claus parade(s) and any other events that may appear during the year.


ETHICS & CONFLICT RESOLUTION COORDINATOR is responsible for upholding integrity and fostering a harmonious environment within the organization. They will develop and implement ethical guidelines and codes of conduct, ensuring adherence at all levels. Facilitating conflict resolution processes, they will mediate disputes and promote constructive dialogue to resolve issues effectively. Providing education and training on ethical standards and conflict management techniques is essential to cultivate a culture of respect and fairness. Collaborating with members and the community, they will address grievances and enforce disciplinary actions when necessary, maintaining the integrity and reputation of our association. Their efforts will promote sportsmanship and ensure a positive experience for all members.


U7 COORDINATOR is responsible for player development clinics and organizes all 'Under 7' programming according to OMHA guidelines. They shall be responsible for coordinating the Preschool (Timbits) Program (ie. programming, ensuring coaching staff in place, parent inquiries, etc.) and facilitating the formation of Preschool (Timbits) groups, IP teams and Tyke teams. Will assist the Hockey Development Coordinator in organizing U7 Programs for the Association while ensuring all OMHA guidelines are met. The Initiation Program Director shall communicate with the League's IP Convener, attend all IP meetings hosted by the league and report all pertinent information to the Executive Board and coaching staff. They shall be responsible for obtaining OMHA rosters and other documentation as required. The Initiation Program Director sits on the Coaches Selection Committee. 

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