Reorganization Inaugural Board Process (North Middlesex & District Minor Hockey Association)

PrintReorganization Inaugural Board Process

Work is continuing between the 3 centres (North Middlesex, Ilderton & Lucan) to set up the organizational structure for the re-organized centre supporting OMHA A programming. One of the next steps is to establish the inaugural board that will operate with representatives from all 3 centres for a period of two years (24/25 and 25/26 seasons).  Following this period, executive positions will be voted on by the A centre membership with all 3 centres retaining 1 permanent seat.  


All centres will be allocated 5 seats on the inaugural board that will be selected by the current respective Boards.  Each centre will follow an application and vetting process in order to select the successful candidates for these seats.


In addition to the 15 Directors positions there is also a President position.  This position will also follow an open application process at each centre with each centre putting forward 1 individual nominated for President. 


Immediately following the creation of the Inaugural Re-organized Minor Hockey Association, they will conduct a vote for President from the 3 Association selections.  At the same meeting each member would be nominated and voted to a position.  At present time this is targeted to be completed by June 8, 2024.


The inaugural board positions will include: 

VP North Middlesex

VP Ilderton

VP Lucan 

Director at-large (to be replaced with Past President in 26/27)



Director of Sponsorship/Fundraising

Director of Equipment

Director of Shamrock League

Director of OMHA

Director of Officiating/Gamesheets

Director of Coaching

Director of Ice Scheduling

Head Trainer


At this time, please complete the application form Reorganized Inaugural Board Application Form due by June 8th.

Please email us at [email protected] know if you require any additional information at this time.

Thank you!